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That's right. Vivendi software, in affiliation with Sierra, is now letting people download the entire online multiplayer part of the PC game F.E.A.R., totally free of charge. I've been waiting for F.E.A.R. to come out for the Xbox 360 (release date is November 7th 2006), because I wasn't quite sure if my computer could handle the game. To get the fullest experience you'll need a top-of-the-line Alienware, sure, but not just to play it. I keep it on pretty good graphic and physics settings and don't get much lag at all. So, if you're able to play DoD:S with no lag or anything, you should be able to run this game.

All you have to do is fill out some information (you can give a bunch of fake info if you want) and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you, containing a Validation Code. You then download the game files, enter the Validation Code when prompted, and join a server. That simple. Here's the link.

[link=hyperlink url]http://www.joinfear.com/main[/link]

***NOTE: This is a rather long download, since there is no CD to read data directly off of. I let it download overnight, and it took approximately 12 hours. It's worth it though - it's fun, and it's free!
already got a key 2 weeks ago... i dont feel like downloading it cuz i dont realy like fear multiplayer.. i just keep the key to give it to someone.. or sell it to an uneducated person :p
Sorry I haven't visited the server a while, my mom just took away my gaming computer..... again

But nice Idea toothpaste, I'd sell it for about 10 bucks. If you can, sell it to someone who already owns the full FEAR game. If they are dumb enough to buy it, they deserve to waste their money like that.
I downloaded it a played it about 2 weeks ago. I do not care much for it, although it was somewhat interesting. It just reminded me of hl2 deathmatch just alot harder. The levels seemed to cramped and difficult to move around (more than likely my poor experiance).

I ended up downloading it from a torrent @ average 300kbs.
It's extremely fast paced and takes time to get used to, for most people. I'm a diehard first person shooter fan, though, so a game with cool guns, physics, destruction, and awesome slomo is irresistable to me. I've only had it for like 3 days yet I find myself dominating servers often. Nothing like sneaking up behind someone, activating slomo, blasting them in the back point blank with a shotgun, and watching their legs hit the floor as their torso flails around in the air slinging blood all over the walls. !amazed
ok Noxus, you sold it to me again with the last of your paragraph. I will try it again
Hehe, always works :p

And actually, there is something quite like it. And that is throwing a grenade down a hall, having it hit someone in the chest and exploding on impact dousing the floor and walls with blood and body parts, and watching his head roll down the hall leaving a trail of blood behind it. Brilliance.
I bought FEAR a long time ago. The multiplayer isn't really anything revolutionary, but it definitely was eye candy, and quite fun.
Yeah, as I said when I get the Xbox 360 one, I'll finally get to play the entire singleplayer. I also hope to get Xbox Live to play it on as well.
F.E.A.R. Extraction Point Demo is over at fileplanet. about to install and play. Last one was all eye candy. After about 30 minutes the levels all looked the same to me and that robot thing shooting the rockets was like the worst Robocop reject ever..lol was fun with the slow- mo killin Max Payne seemed alot better but F.E.A.R. is a good game.. seems unpolished and pushed out the door like BF2.
Fear Single Player is fun though, its the most hilarious thing to see a mine blow up at face level in slow motion then watch the enemy disolve into a semi sticky goo that splatters the wall, all for your entertainment :D:D I would have to say that BF2 wasn't pushed out the door at all though, trust me on this one I watched its production from the very first day it was released. It was in production for about a year and a half (The whole time I was drooling over my kerboard for every little piece of information I could get). It is just a little bit different of a game then Counterstrike or Day of Defeat. While DoD and CS are great games they are simplistic, With no vehicles or overcomplicated features, players get guns... Thats about it, while in the Battlefield Series player can get all sorts of vehicles, anti vehicle emplacements and to me that brings a whole new element of realism to the game. Especially in BF2 Where at the beginning of each match players have an option to apply for the commander position, if they get elected for the commander position they now have a whole new screen they can go to to acces many more commands for their team, for example you can go to the commander screen and initiate a "Scan" and in your map in the right hand side of the commander screen a yellow ling begins to slowly scroll from left ro right, marking each enemy player as a little red blip. The players only stay iluminated for a few seconds but its enough time to see where to call in your artillery. Now artillery is a whole new thing that is very, VERY fun to play around with, the commander hits the button and selects where they want it to drop, and in around 10-15 seconds BOOM, you start shelling the enemy position for roughly 10 seconds and anyone or anything that is in the way is toast, you can even blow a helicopter right out of midair if the pilot is stupid enough to fly into it (I know ive been shot down many a time :D) Then we get into squads, players can either choose to join an existing squad or create a new squad, once in a new squad you can invite other players into the squad. Now all of your squadmembers are lit up in green on maps so you can pick them out quickly, if you are a squad leader you can give orders to your other squadmembers. For instance if you see enemy troops moving in on a base that you need to keep you can select the defend option and now all of your squadmembers will hear "DEFEND THIS POSITION!" and they will see the position they are supposed to defend on their maps, this is used to better caoordinate forces ingame without having to stop and type, you can also send orders faster and insure that your squadmates see them. Squadleaders can also requst thing from a commander, like if their squad is under heavy attack and needs health and ammo so he goes to his map, right-clicks on his position and hits "Request Supply Drop" then the commander will hear a voice saying "Requesting a supply drop, over" and the commander can go to his screen and then either accept or deny the request, if he accepts a box of supplies will drop in the area requested and that squad can get ammo and health if they are near enough to the box. Commanders can also give the squad leaders orders and if they do and the squad leaders accept the orders it will then be broadcaster to all the squadmembers. There are many more features and if you want to hear me ramble on more about how awsome and detailed of a game BF2 is then PM me or something I dunno, I could ramble on for hours about this series. (I love these games and was ranked in the top 1000 for my class when I played) But I would have to say that BF2 was actually very polished and an awsome game, you just really have to think of the magnitude of the game. Think of DoD - relatively small maps usually with only 30 players to a server with guns running around shooting each other. Now think of BF2 - up to 64 players in a huge environment, flying planes, helicopters, driving tanks, sending orders, recieving orders, getting blown up by artitllery, all at the same time. You have to give BF2 some credit there, they took gaming to a whole new scale, something that no other game could do. So theres my good long ramble, and I will defend what I stated to the death...

For once, Waffle, you beat me to respond and I couldn't have said it any better. As a matter of fact, I've been playing it again since the 1.4 patch.
desert combat is still better than bf2.. and yes my compuer can run bf2.. :p I own at El Alamein day 2 in a Apache.
=P I bet I can fly just as good or better as you, I seldom meet helo pilots as good as me, (not to brag) but we should play once I get my old comp fixed and redownload desert combat. But BF2 Is so way much better =P
Dude Waffle, get me in an Apache Longbow from BF2 SF, and you better run for the hills. I went entire matches without dieing once, yet still getting the best score on the server. HOWEVER, I haven't really used it much anymore since the 1.3 patch reduced it's missiles from 14 (ownage) to 8...(lame). Still, you know you're a good pilot when you sneak up on an Anti-Air while flying a Longbow and unload the missile pods into the rear of it. Good stuff.
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