wow... check this out... UPDATED SCREENSHOT


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all i can say is... wow


we have had the 2 new servers for how long? and we have 5 almost completely full, and the 6th got a little more attention afterwards, this screenshot was taken about midnight.

Keep up the good work everyone, you're doing a fantastic job :)


Now this is more like it :D

As Per Updated Screenshot;

Hows that for popularity? :p

*Takes out a good book*

I'm ready for the wait times, are you? lol
gj guys....and nothing beats running around in a server by urself until u get ppl in there :p

that was me this morning on kustom kettle 2 starting around 11am EST, on there about 20 minutes then a few started popping on :) so fun

one on one, one on two, then before you know it a full scale war is raging!

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