[poll] Turn off you computer?

About the only time I turn any of mine off is to keep my daughter from getting up and playing that annoying Catz5 game at wee hours of the morning. She can turn them on, but she can't get past the password protection. And yes, I AM that mean.
I leave it on all night, I go to sleep by the sound of it overheating. Whenever someone enters my room they start complaining about the horrible noise my computer makes.
I mostly leave mine running, cause when I turn it off, its becomes eerily quiet in my home and I can sleep as good, so I keep it on, it's kind of a "white noise" thing, and plus, I always fall asleep with my TV on too! :D...If I turn the TV AND my computer off, its unbearable :D...So I have to have one or the other on...hahaha