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After recent, issues, over the last few weeks, I have quit gaming, I will be restoring my computer, and I will be dedicated to work and physical exercise, I know most of you as friends some as gamers. Those friends, I would like to say, Thank you for all the fun times, Those gamers, It was nice meeting you all. I will still stop by the forums just to say hi from time to time. I do not belive i will start gameing in the near future, I might, but I do not belive. I will still have my aim and msn so i can be contacted. I will still set up that server for all of you to have fun in. I just want to say, John, I had a lot of fun since the beginning, and same with you Mike. Well i am out, Bye! I will talk to you all later.

Oh and i want to clear up some things befor I go, I have been the center of ALOT of trouble//controversy. I want everyone to know, that I exepted their punishment, and I think they did the right thing. I wish it never happend because it mad to much trouble afterwards too. But it had to be done....

Ok.. I am gone... my msn : [email protected]

BYE! 8)
i can't really comment on whatever internal innuendos you've mentioned, but i can say that quitting gaming doesn't really work. you could fill your time with some other mindless task, like working out, but sometimes when you need to take a break from some mental task (like figuring out the zeros of a Riemann Zeta Functions), there's no substitute for gaming.

oh, and while you're dedicating yourself to work and exercise, look into grammar as well ;)
This is true. While a change of pace is needed at times, there still need to be outlets for you to allow your body and mind to go numb. All work and no play is how you burn out(although how you play is up to you). As with anything in life, a healthy mix and good variety is needed. Good luck with your new job and break a leg :p
LoL...for me gaming is bringing alot more stress for some reason then it should.. I have played games for a long time. I think I have played enough and its time to get down to work. I am NOT quiting forever, and I am not quiting ALL games, just computer games for now. I may play console games. And for the grammer... I have only 1 thing to say... lol, Some people have to have excellent grammer skills some people don't, I do not. And I am now making 18$ - 20.75$ an hour. And there is a substitue for gaming. There is always one. For me, the substitue is boxing i am in socer too both current out of both due to leg injury. Later in life. It might not be sports, but it does not have to be gaming, what about watch funny movies or funny tv shows, and listening to awsome music.

And i am not quitting because of the innuendos. I am quiting cause, after a recent trip to ****vile. I started to relize, my priorites are mix up, and that recent trip to ****vile....... hahahah wasn't that fun..... http://youtube.com/watch?v=z468B8vV6XU

Welll.... I just need a vacation right now also.. So i am leaving for the mountains i will be back either saturday night or sunday...
i didn't mean "learn grammar because you need it...." it's for us! :D easier to read and understand what people actually mean ;)
I hope you come back to play someday Sushi...^^ Then I can maybe kill you or you kill me...and stuff.. o_O
Nice video by the way.

"Now fight me for 3 days, cause I'm bored" ^^
"to make you listen"
"My father's a brilliant man!"
"you don't even know!"
That was fun, but I'm so bad in English that I really don't understand all the things he said.
Hey it was awsome gaming with you man had some great times and while I was sad to see you go it's good to know you took it so well, really shows your character. Good luck with work man :D:D

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I quit for over two years, but started back last month. All you need is some breathing space.... then you will get the itch and come back to DoD. Maybe you were OD-ing and need the break.

It isn't just the game, but you meet some really nice people in the forums and in that elusive five line text space during the game.
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