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well....i just got back from a trip to disney land...

took us 8 hours to get there the first day (stupid traffic)

and 6 hours today (just got home)

and we had a freakin 4 year old crying and whining the whole time...

there truely is no place like home...

loooo and Eddie Murphy was infront of us in line for the indiana jones ride =DD
thanx...the only problem is that he stopped the ride so that he and the rest of the people with him could exit before people followed...messed up the ending of the ride
welcome bakk lil dude!, you know i live righ down the street from disneyland, and havnt been there in years, its funny how ppl from all over the world come to anaheim just to go to disneyland, and i live 5 mins from it and never go lolz!!!!, havnt been there in like 10+ years

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