maxwell magic tricks

for the sponge balls tricks he just lookes like he's passing the ball to the hand but he is fact just holding on to it with his thumb pressing the ball against his palm holding it. a slight of hand trick.
i know how to do the svengali trick. i wont relveal it here but if you want to know, please pm me. but i will give you a hint. look extremely closely at the deck at 2:19. one of the secrets is revealed there.

edit: i think the stripper one is done in a similar fasion. and the coin one is just easy to figure out yourself. his camera angle was horrible for doing these tricks and it also gives the observer chances to look back and figure it out.
Wow That's all I can say. Who gave him the right to do sucky magic? As someone who used to love magic a lot, and who used to be good at card tricks i hate this. Not only does he ruin both svenghali and striper but he mixes what could be high quality tricks with silly ones. I agree with wanderer, if you cant see the giveaway at 2:19 you may never get a better chance.

And everyones knows that aside from the camera angles being bad and helping to show some stuff, he should have puled the aces one at a time, not 2 at a time. I'm a little surprised he didnt ruin the invisible deck trick too LOL.