Greetings friends.

Hello there friends. I've played on the DODS Donner server off and on for a good while under this same handle, "73." I thought I'd take some time to join and post to show my appreciation for an excellent server and to get to know some of the other members.

My name is Dean and I'm 27. I've been part of the HL/CS/TFC/DOD community since the initial '98 half-Life release. During that time, I've hosted, operated and administrated a handful of CS and DOD servers, clans, websites and networks. Though I've lived and worked all over the country at various times, I currently live with my girlfriend in Houston, TX where I'm pursuing a degree in Anthropology.

Regarding gameplay, I'm a rather serious gamer. I play very, very hard, and with the utmost attention and awareness, for team victory - and I encourage my teammates to do the same. My skills are best employed through the Sniper class, though, on tight maps, I enjoy rushing buildings.

Be sure to say hello in-game. I'll see you there.

Hey there man! Glad to see you like our servers so much.

If you haven't ready checked it out, you may want to look in the JohnT's Recruiting Office and see if you wanta join us, we could always use a new member :)
I wanted to take a look at that thread, but I wasn't able to locate it - probably because I'm still unfamiliar with the site/forum layout. Could someone either link me or help me navigate to it? Thanks again.
alright, here are the linkies to the stickies, in order you should read them and then the forum url. I know, i could have gave you the link to the forums, but I thought I would give you all the links just in case ;p

those are the stickies and here is the forum url.

happy reading! lol
Whats goin on man. Glad to see you made your way here. Tested your sniping skills today on donner today, not bad. I will be watching over your sniping habits my friend
Haven't played with you yet, but like you, my best skills involve the sniper class as well. I'm not entirely quick, but I can pull off some amazing shots from time to time. You could probably take me out ;) Have fun tryin' BigBird though. He's one of our lead snipers :D I'll be sure to say 'hey' on the servers if you're on there!
howdy matey, I'm not sure if I've played with you as I get less and less time on donner lately what with the 6! whole servers we have. blimey, edge has grown so much since I joined
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This should be in the JohnT's Recruiting Office though.

I'm not entirely interested in joining the organization. I just wanted to say hello to everyone and give thanks for a good server.
hey it happens but make sure you read all the stickies before you make a post in places so you know which forums are for what. once again welcome

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