Who plays...


Who plays runescape >_> and if so whats your chars name ^^.... and if you want to add me on it just look at my sig heh
im blindsfell, dont play much but im playin rite now :) my main used to be that good ^^^^^^^^ but i sold him :) i aslo am not member as i see you are. could u gimme some $$$ bro?
Well I'm not much of a donator but I can show ways of making nice $$$ but it also requires that you are a member >)
no i no how its just my lil bro wants full addy and i sold my acc with all my $$$ on it. all im asking for is 20k. ill prob pay u back in the long run.

i have 67 <><
67 wc
62 mage
44 range
42 str
40 att
40 def
31 prayer on the guy i sold
I used to play alot but i gave it to my lil brother :] i was 109 with 91 mage and 94 fishing i forgot the rest the name was soemthing like acbridernader12 Or somethingi cant even remeber so long ago^^
yea i play here and there i'm trying to drop it though. i get on like 1 once or twice a week. anys ways, my characters name is vladek284 ( long story on the name) lvl 94.