2 server scrim this Thursday!


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I will post some news about it in another day or two. The servers that will be used are
our 2 newest servers. The strand and KK servers will be used and the time/day will be this thursday at 10pm eastern. The maps will be from the CAMP 2 map pack so if you havent already go download them and install.

I hope to see you all there on Thursday night.
Soon my children, yes very soon we will attempt to have a 3 server scrim. But for now a 2 servers scrim will have to do.
10PM? Hasn't really worked out for me yet, but obviously I'll try. And I guess I won't feel like I'm wasting a spot if there are 64 to go around.
I CALL MG42 ON TUNISA! I will kill for it!

My record is gunning down 9/14 people at the begining of the game near the ammo dump ;p

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