[poll] LAN parties

none of my friend play the same games i do. sometimes at school tho we hook up our xboxes through the ethernet and play each other but other than that, no.
I haven't been to a LAN in a while, it's been over a year.

But I used to go to them often, I had fun explaining to my ex what a LAN was and why she wasn't allowed to go >.>
me and my friends used to have halo parties like a year ago, alot of times it was 2 games of 4v4 and sooooooooo much fun i miss those days
we used to hook up 4 xboxs when halo came out.... 16 players from friday to sunday.... usually none of us would make it to school on monday
YA, LANs RULE, i go to them alll the time....guardian's friend Josh holds awesome ones, Me and munch always go!, But most of the time, I go to Munch's house about every weekend for a LAN :p
never been to one and dont plan to go to one anytime soon. too many other things goin on in life (movin, 2 year old, and such other things)

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