Where does your ancestry lie?

[quote1185832852=Baron Rojo]
100% colombians baby YEA!

that was quick...

I love your new sig, by the way, Rojo!
100% English as far as I know. I don't know my dad's family, but my surname (which is his) is the name of a town in England.
Italy from my dads side. Mainly Sicily in the small village of Cefalu.
My moms side is Czech.

Italy. Dad was from Sicily, city called Avola, Mom was from the Venice area, Villa del Nevoso.
Irish, German, and French. My dad used to joke that just meant we get drunk, try to take over the world, but then just give up. He was wrong. I plan on taking over the world sober with my powers of fluffiness.
Come on we need some asians. I'll start, Mom in China while dad in China but mostly Vietnam. FTW

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