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just a question, but does DoD:S work on vista??? i have heard some games dont, and i was wondering if DoD:S does.... sorry if someone asked this before....
I have Vista installed right now, 64bit ultimate. I am able to play all of my games (i havtn tried some of the older ones) but all of the ones i was into since vista was released work.

The only times i have run into problems was with Norton antivirus (it has sinced been fixed), DivX Converter (i havnt checked if its fixed), and I was not able to play C&C zero hour from my XP install without reinstalling it on vista.
yeah, i have vista and everything works just fine. had problems loading COH but that was easily fixed by turning off UAC.
wat about the x86 version? because i heard there are more probs with the x64 version.... with the drivers and stuff
i already said i am using the 64 version. I play DOD:S all the time, that and Supreme Commander
Right, everyone complains about not being able to play games on Vista but I haven't had any problems what-so-ever. Make sure all of your drivers are up to date.
YEah... i have Windows Vista Home Premium... 64bit... eveything works fine except for some extra harware like old mics and webcams... but soon drivers will be updated for vista... my recommendation wait until sep.... vista promises a release to fix up those "This version of windows does not support this program" bugs...