Internet Connections


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Currently im am on a 8Mb connection but my ISPs server at the telephone exchange is terrible and im really not getting a good connection at all so i am changing ISP over the next week or so and will then be on a 16 Mb line :):)

Good thing is the from me to the exchange is only 500m aswell so i should sync pretty good aswell.

This just got me thinking as to what connections you other guys are running at?
I'm stuck with long distance wireless service. It's sponsored by the Department of Agriculture and FCC to offer comparable broadband in the viciously rural segments of this part of Maryland, in hopes of drawing businesses into the area. It's a sham of a service, but it's this, 56K, or satellite.

I'm only 1300ft away from being able to get cable, too.
There is a thread just like this in general discussion (though it has dropped off the first page). It has more to do with speed but it's a good resource if you want to compare connections.