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I ran across these web sites while i was at the Docs. office today and was wondering if anyone has delt with any of them? They are as follows,

[removed]. If you post links to suppliers, please make sure you have something specific to discuss, so it's possible to distinguish between someone advertising and someone genuinely in need of advice.

They seem like they have some decent deals but i dont know, if any one can tell me yes or no on the deals please do.
Thanks. !frank Im not advertising for these sites, i was just wondering because im looking at getting my wife a new computer for gaming and media, and i want to get a good one but not a real expencive one...
If you are going to buy a pre-built computer, go through Dell, if you are going to build your own, buy the parts from Newegg. That is all you need to know. :)
hmmm, wouldnt suggest a dell if i were you. Go with alienware or some better gaming comps. look at new egg for parts, pricewatch is good if you know what you want.
hey guys thanks for all the suggestions, ill look into them all. If it were my computer i wouldnt worry about price, but sense the wife doesnt play that much but likes it to work good when she does, then i gota do something.

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