Rayovac & Wal-mart Security....bored @ wrk

Me and Joe were at wrk today...the boss stepped out....got kinda boring...so i took some pics with my camera phone...just thought i would share :p

THe first one is me playing some DoD :p.. I find it hard to do on a laptop...with no mouse




Ya, that was loads of fun, bosses werent there that day...so, ya we worked for about 6 hours, but of that 6 hours, about half of that was actual "work"...haha, and some day of defeat here and there :p
looks like you had fun. i just figured out how to get onto the internet through the concession drawers at work. but too bad i couldnt install DoD onto it.
lol My boss plays WoW while he is at work and he doesn't care if we play games in the office either (well at least when we don't have much going on), it's just that our workstations have integrated graphics so they don't run much.
lol, your too young to work, im 14!
what the heck am i supposed to do?, i wanna go to school with tiffany so i can stay in at lunch and play dod.
that would be awesome!
Ha. Slackers!

I want a job where I can show up in my pajamas and play DoD whenever I want....

oh wait. I work from the home. nevermind.

What do you do? I am always curious about my grenade loving competition. (yes, I pronounced 'competition' like strong bad on the speak and say thing) I have never played with you that i remember but i look forward to gaining an arch nemesis.

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