What games do you miss playing?

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To start with I really miss playing Ultima Online :((
it was the best mmorpg before ea bought the Origin Studios(hate you ea)(the founder of the company Richard Garriot had a t-shirt said "We Created Worlds" on the day that it was sold. the original form was the motto of the company "We Create Worlds"
hm i miss playing sonic on sega genisis and zelda ocorina of time. i also miss playing some warcraft 3. i miss the nintendo 64 the most though.
I used to spend HOURS playing that annoying game Black & White. I tried really hard to get my animal to be good, but the stupid thing always ran around eating people and throwing fireballs at their homes...
I miss being able to go to the corner store and playing frogger donkey kong and q-bert. All the while drinking a frozen slush eating candy and then getting in trouble cause I spent $5. I could play for 3 hours and make myself sick on junk for $5
Every time I went to an arcade, the first thing I would do was head for the TMNT side scroller. As much money as I put in to that machine, I don't think I ever beat it. As for others, I echo your sentiments on Ocarina of Time Majorin. But the thing I miss the most is Starcraft on-line. It just didn't get any better than that.

gl hf no rush 10!!!!1
streets of rage 2 on genesis.
star fox 64
megaman 8 on segasaturn (not ps)
megaman X4 on ps
nights on sega saturn
soul blade adventure mode on ps
I miss playing a game called Motor City Online.

you started with a piece of crap car, but if you raced it and won, you would get money and you could upgrade parts, cars, custom paint jobs, it was awesome...
fluffy, balck & white 2 is so easy!i never played the first one though. but its a cool game. NR!! fry lol i miss starcraft also. those were the good days. sucky grphics that u loved ^.^
i miss playing that game double dragon for the sega genesis :) so old school or that racer game on the atari... cant remember the name
Majorin, I did the whole expansion pack, and all that... But still, my cat kept going evil. I finally gave up out of frustration when my billionth animal burned down my village.

Does anyone remember Tribes? I used to play that online too. My name on there was Mother Mayhem. *rolls eyes*
I miss these games, have some great memories with them:
duke nukem
red alert 1
sim city (original)

My older brother had these games on his computer and I would sneek to his room when he was out or at work and play them for hours.... I miss those days.
Warcraft 2
Commander Keen
Duke Nukem (The old 2D side scroller)
Rise of the Triad (20 bucks to the person who can tell me what this is (without looking it up (not really)))
Tribes 2 (The first and the third were very "meh")
Pokeymanz: Red Version (Yeah, I know, but I have over 200 hours on my red version when it broke.)
when i was like 7 i had the SEGA Genisis and i always played Power Rangers street fighter. that is the BEST GAME EVER MADE
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i miss playing that game double dragon for the sega genesis :) so old school or that racer game on the atari... cant remember the name

Had to be Pole Position.

I miss playing Ultima Online. Every now and then I pop back in to see what's changed. It's just not the same as the good old Fel days. And with the new Oriental expansions Trammy is a wonderful place to be.

Let's see...

I miss just about every Sierra title ever made. They had THE BEST adventure/action games in the 90's. Hero's Quest (Quest for Glory), King's Quest, Police Quest and the ever so comical Space Quest. Those games were gold.

Oh yeah, I miss Star Wars Dogfighting simulators (X-Wing, Tie- Fighter, etc..) I wonder why they quit making them.

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