a more serious ace attorney sig


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the lines in the picture are frome the original picture no way to get them off
Your Honor, there is a serious contradiction in the witness' testimony!

What? I don't see a contradiction.

I'm sorry Mr. Wright but I'm going to have to penalize you...

(Well I don't think that won me any points with the judge!)

I like it!!!
Damn fine, I'd say.

I tried my best to get rid of those lines, but it was tricky and I couldn't get it quite perfect.
the lines are actually part of the picture and the game

but it loks better without them in that sig thanks

my last two sigs are two solid sigs yay
Looks good, but the shadow at the end of milkman is cut off in a straight line... Not too much of a big deal... unless you have OCD.
you obviously havnt played one of the greatest games ever made for a handheld console :D

also Bill is my CSS name Milkman is my DODs name

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