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hey Guys easy target here I have recently bought a new laptop the specs are on the website below. it's a HP 2.2GHz AMD Turion 64 Dual Core, 2 Gigs of ram, 200 Gig hard drive and a shared video card of about 560Megs.....i installed Source the other got on the EGO servers and had sever lag issues.....I need some insight i changed my rate and other but it doesn't seem to help.....if you guys have any insight PLEASE let me know....I should be running source w/o any problem based on the specs of my laptop...
When you say lag do you mean connection lag or low frame rate? I'm not sure what you mean. If it's a connection issue you could have the newest computer in the world and you would still "lag."
i'm using verizon dsl so its not at fast as Cable modem my ping is like around 100.....but it's slow when i i'm stalling out samething when i fire sometimes the sound just echoes over and's like i'm doing everything in slow motion or's like my laptop can't handle source or something
yeah dominion is still happens like my FPS is around 15-17 which SOO low i don't know how to get it up or what I have to do to get it up...
Check all of your graphical settings and make sure something didn't get bumped up to max. The ligthing effects can really destroy your FPS if you aren't careful.
anyone know how to fix choke on netgraph 2 or 3 or whatever....I consistently get a ping of <50ms and choke of 20 - 40 on our servers......
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where do I check those settings exactly....w/in steam or in another folder or file??

Both...some are set in DOD : S , some can be set in your registry (i don't recommend this way of changing things cause most of these are also changed in DOD : S), and still others are set only in your .cfg file in your <youremailaddr> DayofDefeat/dod.

For the .cfg changes you can look on websites that talk out FPS tweaks for DOD or HalfLife games.

Hope this helps.
Choke depends a lot on your rates. If you have your updaterate and cmdrate set at 100 while playing on a 66-tick server, it will say that you have choke on the netgraph, when your connection is actually fine.

Set your rates to...

cl_updaterate 67
cl_cmdrate 67
rate 25000

If you still have choke, post again...