[poll] The 6th Server?


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As many of you know, the 6th server (which was the OLD Kustom Kettle server) is currently running dod_flash, which I simply threw on there at will. After doing so, I realized I hadn't really asked anyone else what THEY wanted. So instead of using arbitrary power and choosing the map, I'll leave that to you...

Remember, this is NOT a new server, this is the current flash server....
rotation!!! love argentan,anzio,and flash!
I like a rotation To
I vote anzio simply because it was a cool map. Either that or a complete rotation, maybe with some of the old custom maps in it (prior to the camp 2 release)
As much as I love Flash, I can see that it's hopeless. I'd say a rotation of all official maps except Avalanche, Donner, and Kalt. The server is just gonna empty out if you mix official and custom maps.
1 - flash isn't too popular, it seems

2 - we don't need more detonate/bridge/snow maps, so not colmar or jagd (i think they fall into that, right?)

3 - rotation just doesn't sound fun...if I want a map, I'll go to that server

4 - Anzio is a great city-scape map, so it gets my vote

EDIT: a rotaion of argentan,anzio,and flash sounds like the best option, actually
Anzio or rotatition, but not a full rotation. If Anzio, Argentan, and Flash get the most votes, why not just make it a short rotation of those three?