I Love your Server!

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Though I would just drop in and say thanks for all the hard work going into making this such a great gaming server. It trully is a mature gaming clan. :D
Hey you wont let guys into your clan we dont let girls in our site...lol jk

Nice to cya come by the site.
:p well its just me and one other girl.and she is always with her boyfriend nowadays...besides I love DOD more than she does anyways. I really hope I can join the clan! :D
Thanks for signing up Britney. It was fun gaming with you last night and I hope you'll continue to visit our server.

SilentSushiX is recruiting for our eG division. We use eG to get to know people and offer admin experience. Tell us about yourself.

I'm Mike, I'm OLD.... 43, and I live in Las Vegas, NV. I'm a musician in real life. What about you?
I have been watching britt. She is really mature in the server. I really think that she would be an exellent addition to the team.
Hi SilentSushiX! Glad to meet you and Artimus. It was a lot of fun gaming last night. I would love very much to join your clan guys. You all seem very nice and really good at gaming, what could be better?! I will do all I can do to play as much as possible (at least a hour or more a night)and do my part on the playing on the teams.

DOD is a great game for team work and I really like how its not all about the kills but about flags and the game objective. I have been playing DOD a few months but been playing shooters for a couple years now and other games since I was little. I really started playing more online games about a year ago. I sort of been keeping to myself and getting more into games. I was looking for servers with my favorite map (Avalanche) and then I ran across =(eGO)= and been havening lots of fun ever since! :)

Well, again thanks for providing a class act server were skill is more important than gender. Pease share about yourselves too and maybe, possible let me know if I can join the clan !shy
if u see my name in the game dont shoot that means im on ur side :)

I know silly :p Just for that I'm going to wack you on the head with a shovel like wack'amole %-6
Welcome to the site Blazing. How you play isn't really important. How you act is. I'm sure you are a great guy though. You'll find Sushi on most evenings.
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