I made one post
Damnit....DAMN IT. :(
o well nothing goes as planned right
I woke up about 5 or 4 dont remember in south california....
around 5:30 the docs come in.
and tell me that the surgery didn't work....
damn that sucks so f'ng much......
I kinda broke down, i felt pathetic. lol.
well, the doc says as soon as I recover,
they are gonna start kimo....see if that works out
for me.....shooooot fellows,
i thought i was gonna die an other way,
not at 19 :(
owell, shiiit happens.
I'm sorry. I lost my father-figure (granpa) to cancer, but my dad AND step-dad got it and beat it with chemo. You will be fine, just think positive!
Don't worry about it Blaze, my Mom had cancer in her leg when I was a child and she came through just fine.

I don't believe in a god, but all of our prayers are with you.
Hey man, don't let this thing get you down. Keeping those thoughts positive is half the battle, don't underestimate the influence of willpower. Grab this thing by the hair, drag it into an alleyway and beat the living crap out of it! Don't even know you, but cheers and good luck mate.
Don't let yourself feel down. Just keep your chin up, think of the positives, and you will turn out just fine.