Read and Remember - Note to all =e='s Bad Conduct on Strand

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I was on the custom server, Strand was running. During the 1/2 hour I was on, I heard and read =e='s wanting sniper, complaining about sniper and harassing whomever had sniper.

That behavior is not allowed in eGO. If someone is not doing well with sniper or any class, he could be learning the weapon. This is a FRIENDLY game, not an interclan tournament.

If a guy has a particular weapon, it is his as long as he wants and eG and eGO's will not tolerate any hassle with other players.

Another item was players interfering with others, such as standing on them. I was warning players, kicked one and almost banned a couple.

Another note. When an admin talks to you in text issuing a warning, it is a good idea to answer, or he will think you are ignoring the warning. The admin will try a couple of times to get your attention. If you keep ignoring, you will be kicked or banned. Warnings are issued in text and not voice because it shows in the logs and gives us an audit trail if someone says they were "kicked or banned for no reason".

Get this straight now and clean up your act or I can guarantee you will not get admin.

We have very high standards for admin and 95% has to do with good attitude and maturity. If you can't don't have either of these qualities, this clan is not for you.

I'm locking this thread because there can be no debate on what I posted. They are simply rules on disrespecting other players and listening to Admins that you presumably already know about.
Not open for further replies.