[poll] Best summer movie vote

What about Rescue Dawn?

And why is transformers even on the list? I haven't seen a worse movie in about three years.
300 wasnt in the summer blindsfell....

As for Die Hard, that movie made Transformers look REAL. Lets just drive a truck on a high, magically missing all the bullets the PLANE is shooting at me and then JUMP onto it...

Simpsons ftw! Spidey pig
I voted for all four of them just because I could. A poll without radio buttons?! It's like being able to vote for multiple presidential candidates in the same election.
Harry Potter was a damn good film. Best of the current filmset, me thinks. Out of the ones listed, Live Free Die Hard, certainly. Transformers was prety mediocre, the Simpsons movie was funny but got boring at times, 1408 would be my second choice. That was damn good, too.
lol jones2 yes im gonna call you jones2 from now on so i dont confuse you with pick em up jones (or jonsie)
Definitely Transformers! They finally made a movie about a cartoon from my childhood w/o ruining the original story... unlike Spiderman.

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