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Here's your info on tonight's scrim.

It will be held on two servers, so thats 64 players. Only 10 slots on each server will be reserved for e's, so be sure to get there early.

Please read the following carefully, as the the servers will be running different maps. Above all, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CAMP 2 INSTALLED. If you're unsure what CAMP 2 is, check the news posts from 1 week ago, and download off of our front page.

The 24/7 Strand Server will be running: Stug
To avoid confusion, the 24/7 Strand Server's ip is:

The KK CAMP 2 Serverwill be running: Aura
To avoid confusion, the KK CAMP 2 Server's ip is:

FRIENDLY FIRE WILL BE ON FOR BOTH SERVERS FOR THE DURATION OF THE SCRIM. So learn how to aim, and don't drop any live nades.

The password on both servers tonight will be : pegasus

Any questions or concerns, please post here or pm Giovanni or Drunken Sailor.

I'll see you on the battlefield.
Count me in! gonna try to be on as soon as i get off work :)

Oh I can just see it now:
=(e)= Beelzaboss has attacked a teammate .....
=(e)= Beelzaboss has attacked a teammate .....
=(e)= Beelzaboss has attacked a teammate .....

I'm going to pray to the aiming gods now.
oh man i feel bad for the people on my team lol
am a accident machine!!! GAH!!!!!

ask Food_Fight!!!

FF on, this will be messy. I am so used to FF off this will be a challenge. Look forward to seeing you all there.
Apparently only a select audience is allowed to participate. I was under the impression that anyone here on the forums could join in. I joined the KK server and was kicked quickly. That's unfortunate.

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