Scrim group photos (pyramid)

:D (Fraps FTW)


yo kept cheating guys you told us to wait in spawn then u guys went and capped a few of our flag then we came back and won the round and u guys kept nadeing us at the photo lol
That was weird when I was asking team we allowed to shoot and went looking for them...I got shot...twice...cause no one answered xD
That scrim was fun. We eG and eGO's were outnumbered 1.7 to 1 the whole time i was there except for like 2 minutes. I'm not in the photo cuz i was posting an MG, ready to kill the =(e)= players as revenge for them killing us during photo shoots. The eG and eGO's planned to kill the axis after those photos
I can see me going to the top!
That scrim was amazing-ly fun!!
cant wait for the dogtag scrim