Memoirs of a Rocketeer


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I remember reading a thread called "memoirs of an MGer" a long while back, and decided to now make a Rocket thread after much debate. Ive been fed up with some problems so here it all goes...

Dear Diary... lol

"I NEED AMMO!" ever hear that? guess what that means punk... it simply means...I NEED AMMO...ive seen u rifemen, running past me!!! i only got like 5 rockets to start with and theres just so much i can do with there being 10 spots on ava to blow up a sniper. So next time guys. be friendly, drop me some ammo. (Im sure Drunken Sailor can relate to this - running around saying "can you give me some ammo?" in his little southern accent of his.)

Have you seen me shoulder a rocket? that means....DONT RUN IN FRONT OR IM A BLOW MYSELF UP!!!! ive been on ava a lot, and have always stuck in the window above our allies second. clearing windows/doorways, and always, i shoulder the rocket and some stupid idiot runs in front just as i pull the trigger (or more like click the mouse). this results in not having FF on, and blowing myself about 200 ft. backwards. So, if you ever see some one with a rocket shouldered. dont run in front :(

Now, for the last part of my little rant...this is for my fellow snipers. help me take out the other snipers....i dont have your fancy 20X magnification scope on my weapon. instead, i got some little hole sight thing to look through.and im not gonna blow off all my ammo shooting in windows, hoping i hit someone, i need to make sure. cause to tell you the truth, it gets pretty annoying always getting sniped. its like they're thinking

" Oh wow, a guy with a large green metal tube and a huge pack with two other tubes on his back. what a HUGE target. sniping is so much fun..."

Also, do you know how much freaking bullet drop i get!? (more like rocket drop), you just have to simply - line sights - click - kill -

so yea, that basically concludes my rant. I know some people may already do help us out, and i would like to say thank you.

note: this was intended to be funny...

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F.Y.I. that was pretty funny. And most importantly the truth about everything. I couldn't recall how many times I've had those things happen.
the only problem with the "i need ammo" speak is that u have no idea where the person is. and since i have no mic its sorta hard to type real fast to ask where they are and shoot people too. but when i see a rocket i just tap "h" and they say thanks =)
I feel your pain rocket, I play rocket class often on strand and people just run past you when you're shouting I need ammo, then while I'm shouting that I get killed. They'd prefer to run out needlessly in front of mgs instead of giving me some ammo so that I can take it out.
I dont need help in ava with snipers or mg's, just provide me with plenty of ammo and I will take care of the rest. But everyone should be wary of running in front of rockets when they are shouldered and ready to fire. Most of all this is a game that requires communication, if you have played with me before you know im always barking out orders and asking for ammo. So hook a brother up if he asks for ammo :)
true that sailor, i love playing axis with you, cuz you hang out in the church and take care of the apts, while i reek havok in thier sniper house....sooooo much fun :)
Good stuff Rocket... How do you see names Blaze?

The command 'overview_names 1' should do the trick. I actually have it bound to mousewheel down so I can quickly see where people are. It looks too crowded with them always up since I use the zoomed-out minimap view. You should also try 'overview_trails 1' to show where people have been.

Also, this topic is the absolute story of my life, minus the Avalanche-specific things. I can't stand that map, especially as a Rocket. Donner is where it's at.
oh so true, i usually play rifle (garand ftw) and when i see a rocket guy shouldered, i wait till he fires, give him ammo and then run past
I think it is that some people think that givin away their ammo gives away some of their available ammo. But it does not. Half the other people have music blaring in the backround and dont hear a single word ne1s sayin which is really hard to do