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I have done this thread before on another site and it was up foooorever, probley had the most total post till someone deleted it, but the rules are simple
ask a question with two awnsers and let the next person awnser the Q and then ask their own Q

So it would be like

Q: CS or DOD

then person below me would say


so lets see if we can get this going

Burger King or Taco bell?
nooooooooooo close this thread! CLOSE IT! :p

EDIT: besides, burger king or taco bell? it's like asking "dog poo or cow poo?" it all stinks the same!
Yeah I've seen this type of thread on all types of forums lol.

A: Mountains

Q: Skiing or Snowboarding
Schumi is the best F1 driver ever but Fernando Alonso is a honey :p ! plus Raikkonen gets on my nerves when he mumbles during interviews... :D . I think F Massa should be Ferrari's #1 driver before Raikonen next year for sure.

A: Formula 1 :)
B: Nascar !sad
A: Formula 1
Q: Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

OOC: Schumi is a good driver...but he has been doing a bit worse since his reflexes have gotten worse because of the years of driving.
Raikkonen mumbles because he is shy and isn't good at english. Massa isn't such a good driver, makes bad mistakes. And I just hate Alonso ^^ It's nice to see him do badly with McLaren next year while Raikkonen or Kovalainen will win the championship. I hope o_O
Coca- cola

Best Trilogy?
A: StarWars
B: Lord of the Rings
C: Matrix

How can you not like Alonso? I do not care for Flavio Briatore and thing as far a way from him Alonso can get the better.
A: Drowning.
Q: DoD:S or DoD classic?

OOC: I just hate Alonso as a personality and a driver...he wouldn't do good in any other way of driving, plus he thinks he is the best and always thinks everyone slows him down when they're like 100 metres ahead ^^

A: Chocolate
B: Vanilla

!lol He does likes to break check people even during practice and pump his fist at people but that is just the Spanish in him.He is passionate just like those crazy Italian drivers. The German drivers seem to be more methodical and technical and the Japanese. Well they just scare me ...along with that goof ball Scott Speed. Every time Speed is interviewed he starts talking and says “ ya, no”.. I want to kick him in the nuts when he does that.
A: chocolate
Q: McLaren Or Ferrari or Renault (next year)

OOC: Alonso might be a little nicer from next year, when he probs won't win as much...at the moment he think everything comes in a silver plate. But the fact that he said he isn't at all concerned on Ferrari's speed at the moment and the championship...he is lieing....He should just admit it....he is afraid of losing to Schumi ^^
Ferrari (my family are huge tifosi ( ferrari fans)
Even though as of late my Father has been upset with the local dealer.

when gaming where are your movent keys bound(left, right, foward, back)

A: W,S,A,D (what I use and prob the most classic config)
B: Arrow keys
C: others

This year will be close all the way until the end for sure. Next year will be a lot different. With Bridgestone becoming main tire supplier I don’t know how many of the teams will far Malaren are on Michelin as you know and the drivers are going to have to get use to change and feel of tire. Then I think there going to be a massive engine spec. change next year but I really don’t understand all of that new rule. Teams like Ferrari and Malaren with deep pockets can spend hundreds of millions a year on testing and developing a new engine but the new rule is suppose to help private teams like Red bull and Williams... sounds stupid to me. That’s why there will never EVER be another driver like Schumi and beat his records. Ferrari as a team is built around him as a driver you will never se that again and these new rules are going to make it harder and harder for a team to just dominate a season.
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