upgrading processor


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eventually i am replacing hard drives but for now I need to do the processor cause its oem and i only have 1 more day to post mark it. Do i need to change my bios? I am staying single core and I am working with a 939. My new heatsink is a monster its heavier than my case. (my case is super cheap)
Not enough information about current specs, intended specs, and price range to answer your questions. Sometimes to go from single to dual core you need to flahs your bios, it depends on its age and its specs. Just post as much info on your computer as you possibly know
oh i thought i made it clear i already bought the processor and it was still a single core, oem, and 939. I did it at 4 in the morning. Because it was oem I had to buy my own heatsink that weight liked 4 lbs. i didnt notice that I knocked my ram out and I thought It was dead it works fine. The reason I didnt go dual is because I read the performance for the socket was remarkably better and that i would have to touch my bios.
Yeah, swapping out processors isn't usually a problem, never has been for me. :x

The only problem with dual-cores... if you don't get the right drivers and tools, alot of games tend to run crappily on them. Buuuutt.... as far as I know Valve is already working on making Source Games dual core optimized... if they haven't already. :) Also... everything else works so much better. <3
The correct answer to your question is: "Read the manual for your current motherboard." It will tell you what speed and type of processor your board can handle. It will also tell you what BIOS/jumper settings need to be adjusted, if any, to accommodate your new processor.

Be sure to invest in a good fan if you don't have one already installed. All a heat sink does is provide a path for the heat to travel from the processor; it doesn't make the heat go "away." You still need a fan, or two or three, to keep the air moving.
You should be fine with any 939 processor. Check the motherboard documents to see if it is supported. If it isn't, check the site of the manufacturer and they most likely will have a bios update to support the processor you want.