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Strange title eh?

Well i just thoguht i should share a new little addiction of mine with you. I recently aquired a rubix cube (about 2 weeks ago) and i love the little thing!

Can solve it pretty easily now and am working on moving towards speed cubing and the likes. So far my best time is only 3 minute 1 second though.

I was wondering if any of you guys are into speed cubing etc?
I had a Rubix Cube when I was a kid. I never, ever was able to solve the thing. I'm amazed when anyone can solve them, whether it takes 3 weeks or 3 minutes. I've seen videos of people doing them blindfolded - and that really blows me away. I think "speed cubing," as you call it, is really, really cool. Keep at it. If anything, it's a great way to impress your friends or break the ice at a gathering.
I also had one when I was little, but than my ADD kicked in and I just took the stickers off and placed them on the correct side :p

cheater :p

p.s. Could an admin maybe move this to off topic? posting in the wrong forum results from reading 5 forums at once lol
hmmm i got a homer rubix cube..hahahah i just ripped the pieces off and put them in the right spot...then my bro messed it up....:(
Solving a rubik's cube isn't actually as impressive as it's made out to be. There are several solutions that will solve the cube in a number of steps no matter how mixed up the cube is. All you have to do is memorize the algorithms and you can do it quickly as well. If you can memorize a short poem, you can memorize the method(s) to solve a rubik's cube.

It is fun once you've got it down to show off, though. But it loses it's luster after you know how to solve it. :(
in the words of rayovac....

i loved the the lolcat!

And as Flea said it is not like a huge secret really there is maybe only the first step is logic based and the rest is pure musscle memory recalling algorithims specific to patterns that are appearing in the cube.

and as you progress through each stage the number of possible permutations decreases rapidly so you can learn the algorithms to solve each case.

Overall there are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible combinations in any cube.

You can solve one face completly in about 7-12 moves really easily using logic and this can be done in like 20 seconds.

then the second layer is solved buy using 2 algorithms and can be quite quick

When you have this there is only 57 permutations that the cubes could be in to correct th fiinal layer. The best people know all the permutations and what to do in each case. For most though 4 or 5 algorithims is usally enough.

Once all the colors of the last face are facing the right direction it is just a matter of switching round the pieces so that they line up on all the sides. At most you need to know 4 algorithms to do this but there is up to 21 permutations you could learn. They would work out quicker but could all be derived from the 4 i mentioned.

And that is it realli. But as i said its all to do with memory and recalling algorithms fast. Some of the best cubers in the world work of arround 600 algorithms to allow for any case to be solved quickly but i can be done using arround 11. May take a little longer with these but a cube in any configuration could be solved by them :)
heh cool, i solved one in...25 seconds (i need to have my moment too) nahh i solved it in about 2 weeks nice job 3 minutes..wow
my record is 48 seconds with a lubed up rubiks cube.

on mine witch im too lazy too lube up :) my record is 1 minute 28 seconds. so ya im a speed cuber. just not that good :)

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