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I made a map called dod_outside because i couldn't think of a better name for the map.

I was wondering if you guys wanted me to put ego or eGO in the name like:


I'll put it up for download on my site that i have na dlet you guys see what you think of it. It's my first dod:s map that I made, but i've been making cs:s maps for a while now so I know a lot about map making.
I'll make a subdomain for eGO at my website, when you play it, if you find any bugs, glitches, or anything you would like me to add to it, wether it control points, player spawns, sniper towers, you name it. The place where u can download my css maps is:, thats not all the maps i have made it's just the ones i have put on, and yes it is for the source. I post again when i have the link to download my dod:s map
Ok, heres some screen shots, remember this is only version one of my map i can make other cersions if you guys want me to change or edit/remove something:













Just tell me if you would like toi change something.
Interesting. You might want to throw it up on a small personal server, or post it somewhere so folks can launch it and try it. Unfortunately, this is not up to par in terms of a map we may run on the Kustom server.

We strive for a certain minimum standard of professionalism on all maps. Now, you obviously weren't neccesairly striving to make an actual playable WW2-style map, but if you ever do try that, we'll be happy to run it.
It does look like a good first attempt at mapping. Which is a lot harder than everyone thinks.
I don't really know much about ww2 missions, so i dont know what mission I would base it I just made a little custom style one. If anyone wants to tell me a mission bassed on ww2 i'll be happy to mak eit :)
maybe some trees to pretty it up a bit, or like a river or somthing, i know its kinda tricky, but itll definatly make it look better :)

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