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I come to you guys hoping that one of the tech-sters in here can help me. I have been having a problem with my in game brightness on DoD: Source. It's way too dark. My in game brightness scroller is turned up all the way. I try to adjust it through my video card gamma and brightness but it doesn't affect my screen in game. However, it does affect it if I run the game in a window. The problem with that though is that my game gets laggy and the models get all screwed and turn all disco colored when I try and run it in a window. I have also tried external boosters like Power Strip, but once I get into the game it just gets dark. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it doesn't help. It also isn't the same on other games. When I play regular DoD, I don't get the same problem. My video card settings take affect during that game. So, basically, Source overrides my video card settings as soon as I get it started.

And I also would like to point out I am not doing this to try and get an advantage like some players do. The game is really just too dark. When I play Strand, I can't see a thing when I am down in the tunnels. It has been driving me insane. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Yes. The Game and monitor brightness/gamma is up all the way. And the video card settings don't affect the game when I run it in full mode...only in a window does it help.
I have noticed this happening to me as well. Lucky for me, I have ignored the problem because my ultra sweet crt has a button on the front for 3x brighter and 4x brighter.

Specifically, This has happened to me ever since getting a newer nVidia card with their latest drivers. I didnt seem to have this problem with my older card. I dont know if its an nvidia thing or a steam thing, but I would use the fix too, if i find one i will let you know.
well the answers the others said should of worked but it might be the screen..... or just turn the monitor off for a couple of hours maybe it heated i dont know!????
Here are several options:

Just because your card is new doesn't mean there aren't new drivers available. Check the manufacturer's site to see if an update is available. Also, check their site for "known issues" - sometimes there are specific problems with specific games that are in the process of being addressed.

Also, it sounds like you've adjusted a lot of settings since this all started. Try setting everything back to default, retracing your steps, and making individual changes.

There may also be a setting in your Video Card software that is overriding your desired settings. You can either try looking for something like that or, uninstall your Vid Card software and ONLY use the driver. Often times video cards come with a bundle of software that isn't necessary for the card to operate. ATI's Catalyst Control Center is a good example of this. It gives you a lot of processing, rendering, color and gamma options, but none of it is necessary.

Good Luck.