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Ok so i was sittin thinkin about a cool map idea and i came up with one.

Why dont we make a town map, and the buildings are based off of our own houses. As in you draw out a map or submit pictures of your own house, and we put them all in a map.

so what do you think? good idea? can you help?

Follow this legend if you are mapping out your house

Dude that would be like.. i would totaly be totaly MAPTACULAR!
swweeeeeeet, totaly
ill get pics asap, but im movin so it might take me a while to get the pics up here and im movin across the country!
distance wise its like 2k miles +.
So Cal to Summit, Mississippi.
so humidity here i come!
Its only like 80 or more degrees over there but with the humidity it feels much worse than the desert in californi (La Quinta, Indio, Indian Wells) that desert area.
There's a map out there that exists which is basically a courtyard surrounded by buildings on all four sides. The buildings are connected via tunnels/wires/boards and some not at all.

You could take the house designs and just line em around the edge like in that map.
umm ive seen your work, no offence, but my house isnt made of brick...

He can use other types too, I think he just chose brick :)
Should I use AutoCad? What scale would you like? 1/8" :1 ?


I'll put together a little something.
[quote1186248601=CorpPunishment (UK)]
blimey, that map would be huge if you tried to do everyone's :D

The map can be small width/length wise and huge height wise. We could stack 2 houses on each other rawr!!!
If done well, it could be interesting, but I'd recommend either learning the map making software REALLY well, or getting help from one of the many expert mappers available (we have some of the guys who made maps like Strand and Aura playing with us).

If a really well done neighborhood map could be made, that would be pretty neat. Street-to-street fighting in a residential neighborhood would be a blast.
house to house combat, Rushing thru the street to go to the other side, just so you can punch an unsuspecting nazi right in the face!
that would be cool.
and SpetzNaz Acid Green would like some advice for his map (mission wise), and since you are a history teacher I thought you could help him out a bit with maps to design as the missions were and such.