These Prisoners

im not gonna warch it but im aslmost positive thats the same video with prisoners dancing to thriller. that was so cool and well coordinated. and yes that chick was very hawt (i'm serious :p)
That was pretty cool. That has to do something for the morale of the prisoner population... and I'm sure the guards are laughing pretty hard as well.
that was too a chick. See her luscious hair and sexy clothes?

dude......i dont even know what to say to you hahahahhahah
Outbreak if you thought that dude was a chick, you would LOVE Singapore! Remember, always look at the calves and addams apple for evidence and if all else fails you can just do a package check :)
I don't know why I came back to this thread....

Ok, I know about looking for adam's apple... But what's with the calves? Package check? And how do you know so much about this, Sailor? :p

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