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Depends how far u are away from Big Ol' Texas. Bigbird has the single digit pings because he's 10 miles from DGX.
it means the server is in texas if you live in new york ull get like 50 60 ping

if the server was in california and you lived in new york like i do ull get 80-100 ping

so it all really depends about how far you live from the server
unless ur internet sucks which is a possibilty

but like i said if you live east coast or even west coast ull probalby get a 50-60 ping give or take
if the server is in texas

*** this is going by my connection
There's a LOT more to latency than distance. Your ping can be determined by any combination of local bandwidth traffic, number of hops (quantity of transfer points) to and from the server, and upload/download activity on your computer/network.

If your ping is consistently around 200, then you're likely going to be stuck at about that amount. However, if your ping fluctuates greatly from time to time, and day to day, it's likely due to internet traffic and time-of-day activity. Either way, try to make a note of what your ping appears to be at certain points of the day, over several days, so that you can better diagnose the issue.
get better internet and a better computer.

Eh... no, that's not always going to solve everything. Like I said in my previous post, there exist a lot of external factors that a fast computer and a "better" internet connection cannot always remedy.

The poster of this topic needs to do a bit more research and provide some more information in order to better diagnose the problem. It may be something as simple as accidentally leaving Kazaa or Bit Torrent on in the background - or, something more complicated like network traffic or hops.

Don't go out and spend good money on a new computer and a new ISP contract like Outbreak says. Instead, look into the issue and pay attention to when the problem occurs. Maybe then we can help you more.
50 cent is anyone else on the internet at the time you are on?
Do you have cable or dsl internet? Does your ping stay high or does it go up and down? What time do you try and get on at night? Also turn off all programs like mesengers cause that was one of my problems.
it worked today like i mean i was up around 50 to 60 like perfect good, i guess cause i live like in a country side place or somebody could of gotten into my internet connect thing but yall, thankyou for the help.
my ping is really low on DGK servers but on servers in cali closer to me than DGX im like in 350-500's or just not able to get on at all so depends on a lot a of variables that i used to understand when i had hispeed but happened to forget now that im on *reconnecting* sry lost connection, a 56k
well on ego servers now i run better i think cause i close everything or that day whoever was on my connection isn't connected.

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