Map that I created. Wood House.


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Download BOTH files, and put them in your maps folder.






Hope you like it!

BTW, I'm a total noob at creating maps. Sorry.
[quote1186213659= =(eG)= Blue Cheese]
Very nice ;)
Make like a really fun map, with just small amounts of cover for ppl's, no sniper spots or anything like that.. Fast moving action :D
= JIHAD! :p
Orange maps are so cool...used to own at them, now suck at them.

I played in a similar map like that on Cs:S, loved that map, so i want to try this too :)
Good design, only tip... is unless you've textured it out completely... use the Dev Textures. Otherwise it's hard for some people to distinguish defined shapes and edges. :)
[Message Removed - Disrespectful commentary is not appropriate. Server rules also apply on these forums.]

What?! There's a misunderstanding here, I saw Reinkaos and Blue Cheese in a test server playing a map named "my_noob_orange_map_that_blows". I wasn't insulting him, I was just wondering if this was the same thing.

Does anyone know who moderated me so I can clear this up?

[Understood. Obviously that is not the typical name of a map, thus the misunderstanding.]
[quote1186253729=Acid Green]
Guys, if you wwant to learn how to make maps, add 'nkellogg' to your friends and i'll teach you.

Yeah, I made a map named that. He wasn't disrespecting.
Are all the walls spammable?

What do you mean spammable?