I must be demented...

because I almost peed my pants laughing when she went running back stage and he said "oh no don't back there, that's worse"...

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I bet you all a pretty penny that they're lying.

But the video after it is hilarious, the one about the 15 year old. I'm not sure about it's appropriateness but it is a funny one.
NAH those are balloons Zombies that only she see

that was pretty funny
[quote1186250897=RoM - [TR]]
omg the pickles one was way too weird...

i can kinda understand the balloon one because you know like you can actually scare someone with a balloon pop but what is the problem with the PICKLES??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjxOt2u2BGM

I lost it at the truck full of pickles. These are so awesome.
Oh NOOOO!!! the balloons... help me .... someone save me.

In all seriousness, Maury isn't helping these people combat their fears. He's just parading them up on stage for ratings. Springer did the same thing, only his "guests" had more entertaining fights and stories.

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