Opinions for a new case.


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Hey, im in the market for a new computer case. if anyone has any suggestions about nice cases that would be great. i just want a nice case, for about $100 or less, that would good with Red lighting. it would also be great if it has front I/O spots that they are not behind a door or anything. well thanks in advance for the help. also, i would like if it was mid to full tower.
Get nothing plastic, and dont wuss out on cases, go for the gold on them. Cheap plastic cases will scratch and break = :( I would highly recommend the Thermaltake Armor
I would go with an Antec case:
[link=hyperlink url]http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811129021[/link]

Much better airflow than the TT Armor.

This one is great as well, I would recommend both.
[link=hyperlink url]http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811129017[/link]
PERFECT! The thermaltake full armor case is the most reliable i have ever had, actually here is a link to my comp. It is amamzing, and the airflow is un disputable

[link=hyperlink url]http://www.edgegamers.us/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?66113[/link]
that antec 900 is just about the perfect case, if anyone has it, could they mention about how much it weighs with a full case. also, sense the power supply is at the bottom, does it turn it upside down? cause my power supply has a 120mm fan that would normally be on the bottom.
I am building a new system... I bought an Antec 900 case...
the one thing about an Antec case is, that it's quality thru and thru
Fans everywhere.. 2 X 120mm front ( 1 moved to door) 1 X 120mm back 1 X 200mm Top
( Heat is the Killer ) Also the SATA Backplane has a fan in it.. to keep the drives cool...
I bought a Cooler Master case... it's just cheap... from the buttons down to the finish.. the 900 rocks


Hot Swap SATA... the only way to fly...
For the Antec 900, the PSU is supposed to be in the bottom, that's the only way, but it works great. There's a 120mm fan on top blowing down I believe. It has amazing cooling and great quality. I can see why people would worry about having the PSU on the bottom, but it works out well. Great air flow.
I am using a Thermaltake TR2 Series 550W Power Supply...
The 120mm fan is on the top, it draws air down and out the back...
you can't see it, but the top of the case has a 200mm fan,
the power supply is in the right spot... ( look at how high the expansion slots are )
Hey Dye,
here's a little tip... use a tripod... you'll get nice low light photos

lol i know! I had to take the little still thing off, because if you kept it on, it would flahs and take the neat little lighting off. So when i took it off, it wouldnt auto adjust for me, so everything was alll blurry
I would either go Antec or Thermaltake. newegg always has a nice assortment. Just make sure it's well constructed and has lots of room for airflow and fans.