Can anyone make weapon models?


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Yes, I've been wanting a skin that would change my Trench Spike/Shovel into an epic hammer.

I looked into making skins and I must say it is well beyond my understanding so I'm asking for some help.

If anyone can help, please send me a private message and we can work it out through that.

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To make it a hammer, it wouldn't be a skin. There's skins, and then there's models:

A model would be the actual hammer while the skin is the texture that goes over the model. Custom models are made in programs such as 3dmax or Milkshape, while skins are most commonly made with photoshop. It takes a crap-ton of work to do the work right. I've been so far out of the loop, but back when I was in the CS modeling thing it would take me a full 2 months to do a full release (v, w, p models and skins).

If I had the time and wasn't rusty as hell, I'd help you out. To be honest, I'm not really even sure how the Source engine works in regards to the w (world - the guns lying on the ground) and p (player - the gun in the other players hands) works. I think I remember them being pretty restricted in size as an anti-hacking measure but, again, idk.
i have the program. its so complex i bought an instructional DVD and got about 3 hours into and it was like "damn this is way hard...." and havent looked back since.

look for Softimage XSI valve version.
go to fpsbanana, i use lots of skins/models there, including my pwntastic garand which turns the iron sights into an aimpoint! BEAT THAT HISTORY!!..

ps: is that cheating?
If you want to use something use 3DS Max or Maya Lightwave.... Softimage is for advanced modelers. o_O; I know how to use all three and Softimage took me the longest to learn. It's go soooo redundant features. ;-;
Is there are way to get the full versions without paying? :) Cause then I'll surely try making some...30 days might not be enough...