By actually playing there, many of u say well i dont play there cause noone else does well do what im doing. Get ppl to come with you. It needs to start getting more ppl in it or the server is gonna drop. I can tell, these things happen. Alot of ppl like myself like the map but noone knows about it or noone plays on it. So pl try to get ppl to play there. Just start posting the ip and ask ppl to come along with you.
Ya, its a great map, most of the time when I join, I join by myself, go cap all the 1man flags, and go shoot all the flower pots just waiting for SOMEONE to join :(
I try to play Anzio every day, and by the time I leave, its usually full. Its only a matter of time before this server develops the same loyal following that our other servers have. Until it does though, we have to make sure it stays full!! Idle in there if you have to, log on and play until someone else joins! Please help keep Anzio alive!!