Im back for awhile

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I will be playing for awhile.

I have some important discissions to make so in that time i though that i could come back and start gaming.

I consider many of you friends so I will let you know what is happening in my life.

First, I have a job opening in New York, OR I might join the marines :)

second, I have been thinking of going to school to become a pilot.

p.s. this is just another random thread to waste time :)
Hey well its good to hear from you, and go pilots. Thats what I am thinking of becoming when I get out of school, or a Jarhead :D What are you thinking of flying?
Very good choices, the thing about the Harrier is its old, it is going to be removed from service in the next 10 years, they are developing a superadvanced version of it now, Hornet is a very fun to fly plane, its a fast attack jet that has a decent range and payload, but I would prefer its big brother the F-14 Tomcat. But as far as the comanche goes its the sh1t of its class. Nobody can touch that thing in firepower, its an amazing helicopter and the most advanced attack helicopter we have, but for me I would rather have something that can take a little damage and keep on chuggn like nothin is wrong :D
For me.. I take something faster.... Make it fast make it hard.. and make it count.. go fast, fly right, and dont get hit, and you will get the job done right.
Ya, But its only a game. I know they did an exellent job in making it seem like how the helicopers actually fly. But I wish everyone of you could at least sit in one while it tok off. There are many pre-flight procedures and checks that you have todo and even flying is more difficult than it may seem. I will find a commanche video, This piolt has GREAT pilot skills.
Heh, being a pilot of any kind in real life would be awesome...but I've played a few flight simulator games and I usually can't even take BF2 is a different story...Apache Longbow from SF is t3h 1337.
I have played a few of the flight simulators.. taking off is easy. staying level is ok but landing.. haha without a joystick :-o!
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