boogie boarding oh yea


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it was so fun. i went to santa cruz this weekend and boogie boarded on some beaches. i caught this huge 20 gter and almost drowned. i sunk under and was down there for a while :) it was fun. anyone else do that stuff?
hmmmm cookie and my self Jumped from a bridge to the river

and Jump of a pretty High cliff, Cookie was the only one who made it to the top cause the only way to get up there was cave that is underwater and i was to big to go tru = ( but it was fun watching him get up there
i go to the beach almost 2wice a week because its literally right down the block... but i do that stuff usually ... the best is goin out into the bay and tubing and water skiing and wakeboarding but i usually save that stuff for when im in Maine because its not so ruff...
I went boogie boarding on Newport Beach in southern California. Umm i was hit by 5 waves in a row, they all were well over 15 feet high. well i was swept under and every time i came up for air, i would get hit by the next. I NEARLY DIED!!!

but i would do it again, it was awesome!!