[poll] MOTD Screen Idea


EGO Is My Life!
Well i made this group pic a long time ago and i never found a use for it. Until i saw the MOTD screen and thought i might be able to use it there.

So tell me what you think, whether we should use this or the other one.

Oh ya i can change the font and buttons if you want, these were just some basic ones.

What's wrong with the current MOTDs? I think they look quite good.


Why not make that picture into a cool wallpaper?
I voted no, since the current one owns..but that is cool, use as wallpaper like suggested. I'm the axis guy jumping with shovel from tank xD
Neat idea but unless it's got cookies or a very large kitten within the image I'm voting to keep the current one. It's all papery.
i actually prefer the current one, reminds me of mission breifings on Medal of honor allied assault. Though I'm wondering how you got that pic outbreak, sooo many soldiers