Sneak Preview clip of the film project, enjoy!

Omg blazing that is awsome and i cant wait to be famous :D
but you should put Dod in the name so it comes up in more search results
Its ok... it needs some work. In my honest opinion, you need to vary the camera shots. There is too much room all around. Zoom in when they are talking and bring the audiance into the action. Show some close ups of the fighting like on the church top, alternate shots from the Jerries on top shooting from the perspective of the church, to the Americans dying in the Apptments. But otherwise it looks good.
@ Ryan: Good points, but you don't know how bad that looks like when you do it, screws up the scenes. So, if we are to do that, we need to take separate shots, and there are way too many people who never stay still :(