Stranding it up, my best scores yet

Playing on strand last night, got some of my best scores ever as axis. was on strand with rev for about 4 hours or so, was crazy. Love strand though, I'm addicted to 24/7

I was mainly support but I stole allied snipers, mg42s and garands as often as I could find them:


at one point before this screenshot I was on a 3:1 kdr

Then we restarted and this is my second score of the night:


Vicious was the only person on the map that kept owning me up :D lol, I'll get you vicious, I'll get yoouuuu!!!
Gosh damn yesterday was fun. Would rather have been shooting with you and not at you believe me. Aside from that it sure as hell felt like you were dishing out as much as you were getting. You, Rev and Baron were putting up a great fight.

Nice work!
very nice corp my friend = ) wish io could get a score like that some day = )

And Vicious!!! you kept owning me GAH!!! but i kept fight!!!