Seems Jessica Alba likes it rough...

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I knew that the thread title would get you guys attention..expecially you Waffle. !lol

Jessica Alba's love scene accident :

Jessica Alba lost a tooth while shooting sex scenes for her new movie - because the romp was so violent.

The 'Sin City' actress is starring in romantic comedy 'Good Luck Chuck' with Dane Cook and admits the frantic scenes left her nursing a sore mouth.

Alba told TV show Extra: "We shot all our love scenes in one day and I actually lost a tooth. I chipped a tooth as well so I need to get that fixed. Isn't that disgusting? advertisement

"We were smashing our faces together and it just happened. It's not the slowest, most romantic of love scenes. Dane's a wild one."

In the film, Cook plays a guy whose ex-girlfriends end up marrying the next man they meet after dumping him.

Despite her dental injuries, Alba, 24, insists Cook was a fantastic leading man.

She said: "He's great. He's a mixture of this great comedic actor and this crazy, energetic, physical guy. He's like the new Steve Martin. It's brilliant physical comedy."
Lol yeah it did get my attention =P But what guy in his right mind could resist this thread its just like WHAM! Can't resist this stuff is addicting...




Plus what's so great about Dane Cook...he gets Jessica Simpson now JESSICA ALBA? Hacker.
He is very funny and seems very smart.. girls like both but humor is very important. He is kinda dorky looking but his humor is totally hot and after reading this article he went up on my HOT METER. :p

You got to watch his stand up vicious Cirlce. Its running all month on HBO.

This is my favorite part from Vicious Circle when he talks about couples fighting.

I ran across a funny source standup video where Dane Cook's voice is used by Barney.. funny stuff

Dane Cook on public restrooms I just watched this one... this is so funny

Here is link to Vicious Cirlce on youtube in parts.
Patience is the key to the force, noxus. Or you could be impatient and kool like me. Kool or patient, Noxus, your choice.

THE MOVIE IS GONNA <insert verb here>!!!
Whoah....the title did get me excited ^^ Anyway...won't see this movie in the near future...don't go to movies that much and neither do I have any money.. o_O
Cook is very shows in Vicious Circle.
Yup Dane Cook is hilarious, I love stand up comedy... I watch it all the time, if you ever see me kinda stop moving in the middle of a battle you can bet that I'm laughing from Comedy Central so I can't really see the screen >.<
My question has not yet been answered...I'm trying to be patient...

I !heart !heart !heart !heart !heart !heart JESSICA ALBA
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