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I was playing on the 24/7 Avalanche server just a few minutes ago. We were having a great game and somehow the issue of camping came up. I engaged in what I thought was a friendly debate defining the parameters of camping. No slurs were used, no cursing employed, nor did anyone seem agitated. This debate included mods and regular players.

After one comment about camping was made, I replied with a quip to a mod "So people are allowed to play however they want, but they can't speak however they want?" While it may have been out of line to question a known rule like that, I was kicked without warning. I felt that was unfair coming from a community that prides itself on being a "Mature DOD Gaming Clan". Upon my return, a fellow player whom I had never met before defended me, saying that my kick was totally unwarranted. I soon complained to the mods and was told to shut up before being directed here.

I don't see anything wrong with discussing the game while playing. Our conversation was not out of hand. Maybe I shouldn't have made my little quip, but otherwise, I feel cheated. I'm tired of being paranoid for what I do. I don't curse and I don't start fights, and that's all I should have to worry about.
I can't really say anything cause I wasn't there, but in general just remember as a clan we need to appear that we all take the same stance on issues. Once you get to eG level, you can use admin talk to ask questions, but until then it is probably best to use pm or something. It is hard to respect a clan if you see what might be interpreted as members arguing with eachother.
Whoever was admining made the right decision in my opinion. Discussions about server policies and rules are best handled on the website forums. Discussing these issues in games is both distracting and pointless because nobody with the power to change the rules will do so in game (if they're playing.)

As far as being kicked, I believe I would have done the same. Your comment about free-speech came off as a little patronizing, and you should never argue with admins that outrank you. They've been here longer and know the policies/procedures better than you do. There is no freedom of speech protection on eGO servers. We censor certain kinds of speech and behavior in order to make a more pleasant gaming experience for everybody.

If I'm playing in the server, I want to play. I do not want to have to deal with discussions about server policy or players feeling that their 1st amendment rights were being infringed upon. In the future, listen to the admins, and if you have issues with the way our servers are run, take it to the forums. Don't clutter up the chatbox in game.
It was me. Your were questioning our admining, and not only that, you were repeatedly disrupting the server. I stand behind my decision, and willing to face the consequences if anything arises.

EDIT: Pull the logs, it was around 1-130ish EST on the ava server.
^^^ What he said. I get comments all the time from people trying to be wise #@$%&s questioning the language policy and other server rules for no other reason than to make themselves think they're really smart, and its near impossible to tell the difference between them and someone with a legitimate question about the language policies. While it may be true that an admin overreacted, i completely understand why they would. Thats why its just better not to get involved in these kind of things anywhere but on the forums (if that).
Speaking just as an observer, w/out specifically commenting on the personalities in this thread.... I find that most players I've ever banned or kicked on the servers I've adminned on were kicked/banned for being rude. They never get it. They'll say "you banned me because I was too good" or "you banned me for disagreeing w/ you" when the reality was they were banned because they wouldn't STFU. They were banned because after I said "drop it" or "IM me out of game" or "post to our forum" they just kept blabbing on an on and on and on.
honestly I really think that bannana was correct in booting you but I really think that a warning would have been enough. Even though I really don't know the rules that well on camping I learned we should ask admin. before bring it up on a server also I think he should on the other hand warned you first before booting you . But then agin like I said this is just my opinion.
But if there was a kick without warning, that's an issue.

However, that being said, all speculation should be left out of the issue untill logs are pulled.
What really gets me is not that I was kicked for voicing my opinion. I was under the impression that the camping discussion wasn't "questioning authority". It was a debate on a GENERAL DoD issue, not a server specific. I have no idea why the admins thought I was questioning their server policy.

If my comment on server speech was out of line, I apologize, but I think a warning would have been appropriate.
Naderism #87 - Debates are for politicians and forums.

It's never a good idea to debate in the game. It arouses emotions that dont need to be there.
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