OutbreaK at the Projekt Revolution concert.


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Ok so im just gonna copy the old post but add in pictures...

So it all started with me having to take my crappy 1976 el camino. I drove to my dads and i was eventually offered my step moms late 90'sCRV to take there. AWESOME! great gas mileage and air conditioning.

So here i am cruising in the CRV over the golden gate!

And eating a donut while driving...

So i get to the concert, and we (my cousin and I)take a picture in front of the Projekt Revolution Bus,


and then immediately get to the merchandise booth and spend about 130 bucks in T-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, and CD's. Then we went walking around and found a gated off area where they were serving free monster energy drinks. so me being a monster freak, i waited 20 minutes to get one. well apparently you had to stay in the gated area under penalty of death, but i didnt get the memo.

so i hopped over the low fence and out of nowhere this park staff guy with a ponytail and bad oral hygene comes yelling and screaming at me. He tells me i cannot bring the can outside the fenced area. so i was like ok let me come back over and finish my monster. he said i would have to get back in line, which had doubbled in size by then. i was like forget that and started to walk away. the guy grabs me by the hand and says i cant leave. so we are in eachothers face about this and i was like "take your hand off me before you regret it bro, you have no right to grab me." so he lets go but grabs my full monster and throws it away.

so i was pissed and walked away. anyways, it was getting around time to find our seats so we went to get them. so i bought lower level, row T seat 11 and 10. which was like 30 rows from the front, not bad seats, but also not great. so i was like, hey lets keep walking, so we did. so we were able to sit 8 rows from the front. which was not too close, not too far.

so julien K was up and they were kinda weird.

followed by placebo, which were cool.


then HIM came out and really didnt shock me as great performers but oh well.


So we were bored in between bands and snapped a quick pic.




Then Taking Back Sunday came out and rocked the stage. The lead singer swung his mic around dangerously close to other band members and really put on a great show.




So yet again i got bored in between bands and i took a picture of the crowd!


So then it started to get really cool. My Chemical Romance came out with flames and fireworks shooting out of the stage and rocked the house for their entrance.

So after like 2 songs they were like "hey whats stopping you guys from comming up here and rocking out with us at the barricade?" so we all ran and i was in the front row, rocking out to MCR.

Here is a video of me in the front row. at 24 seconds the camera pans to the right and shows my face for a second...




So during his performance he was singing and he spit into the crowd, and it hit me in the forehead. i was star struck! It was kinda gross and awesome at the same time.



So here is when they played their song "the Black Parade" You can see me in the video. At 18 seconds you can see my forehead in the bottom left area. and at 44 seconds i start fist pumping with the crowd.


So they played their last song and sparks shot from the ceiling and it was pretty amazing.



So MCR got off stage and security started moving people back to their seats. so we sat in the second row and pleaded with them to let us stay, which they did, as long as the owners of the seats didnt come back. which they didnt!!!

So here i was, sitting second row, and was anxiously waiting for linkin park to come out. So we took another picture!


Well they had draped a curtain over the stage to setup and the tension was killing everyone. So then the background music stops and we hear the intro to "No more sorrow" and lights flashed behind the curtain and we could see silhouettes of the band members in shadows.

So the curtain dropped and the crowd (including me" went nuts! we were rockin out and having a blast.


So then they played their song "somewhere i belong" and i was still rocking out. Then out of nowhere Chester Bennington (the lead singer of linkin park) turns and points at me! i nearly died. Look at this video, he points at me at 35 seconds...


So the concert went on and we were all getting sweaty, the crowd and the band members. so Mike Shinoda (the other linkin park lead singer) wipes his forehead with a monster energy rag and throws it into the crowd. I jumped up and ripped it down out of other peoples hands. It was mine!! (its pinned on my wall right now.)


So they tone it down and play a slow song, and during a quiet moment, i yell at the top of my lungs "MIKE SHINODA YOU F***IN ROCK MAN!!!" and i swear he smirked at that comment...

So the concert was still in full swing and Mike Shinoda jumps off stage onto some amp boxes near the barricade and i reach out and shake his hand!!! OMG i couldnt believe it!! i was just blown away by this. So linkin park claims its their last song and gets of stage. The crowd goes nuts and chants for them to come back out and play.

So they come back out and play "Bleed It Out" and everyone goes nuts again. After that, they play "Faint" (my favorite song) and im rockin out watching Mike Shinoda Rap on stage. Little did i know, Chester Bennington jumped down and was in the crowd! I couldnt believe it. so i did what any other linkin park fan would do, jump over seat after seat and get to him.

Meanless to say i got through the crowd and past the huge security guards. I run up and hugged the lead singer of linkin park!!!!!! He hugged me back too which was amazing. so i get ripped off and pushed back and i still fought to get to him. so he is screaming into the mic and i am right there with him singing every word. so Chester moves to the left toward my cousin and grabs her hand, puts it on the mic and they just scream their lungs out into the mic together.

Here is a video of when he comes into the crowd. you can see my hand i guess. At 40 seconds i pat him on the shoulder. at 45 i throw up the thumbs up. then i high five him twice!


So after all the commotion and anarchy the concert was over. My cousin and I sit and were just in awe of what just happened.


So basically that was the best day of my life in one short little story.
*Sigh* I miss my System of a Down concerts.....but there is still NIN! and Pendulum! Wootah wootah! Most crazyesststs concerts you will ever go to.....System of a Down, opening for Nine Inch Nails, ft special guest....Pendulum... omg, amazing
all i can say is that guy in one of the last pics does not deserve to wear that AC/DC shirt. and like i said in me last thread, RUSH is goin to own em in the face.
uh oh... outbreaks had a moment someone pointed at him lol

i actually hugged him later on in the concert sooo thats a way better moment.
haha, dude that freaking kicks. Sounds like you had one helluva good time then. Funny how you said how he was pointing at you, i bet like the other five people around also say that LOL. jk

just wondering, do you listen to Live 105? since i guess you are also from the BAY AREA!!!!!
ummm not often, it doesnt come in good where im from

and he did point at me cuz no one was around me and i was close enough to see he was pointing. He pointed then i gestured at myself and he nodded. it was amazing, but not as amazing as hugging him!
all i can say is that guy in one of the last pics does not deserve to wear that AC/DC shirt.

Umm hes on a stage in front of 20,000 people making millions of dollars.

thats more than many people can say that wear AC DC shirts. Most people who wear AC DC shirts cant even play guitar and they never take showers.

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