Real War stories

lol nice blindsfell lol My Grandpa was in WW2 He was a rifleman and he told me an old story of him in the war. He said that there were 2 germans holding a small child hostage so they wouldnt get fired upon and crawled into a corner proned, aimed and shot the one thru the eye and shot the other one diretly in the chest, they both died in one shot. I was proud of him, hes an amazing shooter. He also go 2 purple hearts and 3 other medals. Then theres my cousin that was in Iraq. The story is its basically the same situation but there was a young man hostage and the guy was strapped with an Ak47, my cousin was using an m4a1 with red dot scope and he popped up in a window aimed and shot the guy in the mouth. OUCH!!!! ye... i guess my family are all good shots cuz i have a sniper rifle myself and i can shoot a pop bottle from 200 ft in the woods... so.. ye! :) good stories there :D
Nobody in my family was in WWII, but my friends have some interesting grandfathers. My friend tom's g-dad was on the USS Indianapolis and survived, but he doesnt talk about it much. My other friend Pat's Grandad was on the enola gay when it dropped the bomb, pretty crazy stuff.
My step-Dad was in the Navy at Pearl Harbor and manned a .50 ca deck gun on a ship that was being shot at and torpedoed by the Japon Navy. He still had bad dreams about it and did not like to talk about it much either, even 50 years after it happened.
My grandfather was a P51 pilot in ww2. He passed before I was born so I never got his stories. My father however is a Vietnam vet. He was an arty capt with the Americav just outside of Fu Bai. He suffered injuries in a fire fight and received the purple heart as a result. My dad was actually interviewed for a Bob Woodruff report a few months back.
dont got any war storys, my gpa passed when i was 4, all I know he served in the korean war and was buried with military honors
I have a distant relative ( not even sure if I could call him that!) who fought in WWII he was a pilot of a lancaster bomber plane and I think he was shot down over france or maybe the channel, at night. He died, along with all his crew, so the story is not very detailed.

Wow, Makeveli. That must be pretty amazing meeting a man who was on the enola gay.
Sadly my great grandfather was on the ass end of the war. He was a latvian carpenter and fled Latvia, only to be captured and put in a Russian Gulag.

There he slaved in his skills for carpentry in ice cold weather. He devised a plan and injured himself on purpose with a piece of machinery. They had to transport him to a medical center off of the gulag.

from the medical center he escaped. He then ran to southern russia and met my great grandmother. Later on they got married and had an only child, my grandma. She was born in Shanghai China.

So they left China in search of peace and went to the Philippines. Well sadly the Japanese invaded the Philippines and a group of men marched into my great grandfathers house, drug him outside, and shot him in the head. They then stole all his deeds to his gold and silver mines. So my family got screwed out of what could have been MILLIONS OF DOLLARS>

well my great grandmother sent my grandma to the United States to get a leg operation. While my great grandma stayed behind, she attended the war crimes trial for General Moriyama Hideheko, the general who gave the order to kill my great grandfather.

Well he was sentenced to the electric chair and as soon as the gavel dropped, my great grandmother grabbed the bailiffs pistol and shot General Hideheko in the head.

Well thats the story of my family... dead great grandfather and screwed out of millions of dollars...

oh well...
My Grandfather and his 3 brothers were all in the war at the same time. My GFather was in the Navy and his minesweeper boat was blown up by a zero while clearing the water for the invasion of Borneo. Almost got his arm blown off by the exploding ammo magazine. Floted in saltwater for several hours with numerous burns, and was picked up by a fishing boat. One of his brothers was stationed in the Aluetian Islands, and actually saw some action. Another brother was a medic in the infantry in the invasion of Italy. Got the Silver Star, good conduct and a bunch of other medals. I forgot what the other bro did. They all came back alive.

My friends GFather was on teh enola Gay and has the arming mechanism that you remove to arm the Abomb.
My grand father held a garand and fought at Anzio beachhead. and wlaked all over germany and norway. Lots of great storries, too many to tell here. But one was he had just fought the previouse day where he lost a friend 2 higher ranks and guy from the same recruit platoon. this next day he was walking across a bright green field heard no gun fire no one was talking, just walking he said for the first time he hadnt been scared. not sure if it was because he had seen so much death, or that he had not seen green grass in so long, but never the less he was calm and not afraid. the platoon then came to a nice rolling field and started to here shots fired in the distance ahed of him yet he was still unafraid. After getting everyone to run up to a big hill there was an air raid over head from the allies dropping in the valley over the hill. after the air raid concluded they ran into the valley and the green grass was now red. the fear was returning but he was not afraid to get the job done like he had previously. They ran down into the field and took out 2 mg's and one 88 with multiple kills and 5 prisoners. after everything settled he began to cry and realized he may not make it home alive. But of course he did and had more great and horrified stories that had occured after that. They point he was trying to teach me is that no matter how thick the crap gets in life there is always green grass around you somewhere.

I will never forget this story.

Oh another piece of advice he gave me
you can take a piece of crap, polish it, sterilize it, change the color and make it smell different. But in the end it is still a piece of crap. lol I will ALWAYS remember that one
dang cool stories especailly enola gay.. too bad my parents are asian lol nothing interesting uncle served in Vietnamese Army and family fled on boat to the US lols nothing much..
my grandfather was a commander in normandy for the canadians and he lead his troop into battle. he told me he was really lucky to be alive because as they approached Juno Beach an mg fired upon his boat and the guy he was crouching next to got shot in the side of the head and died instantly. he then abandoned the boat and swam the rest of the way and managed to take out the same mg that killed his troop mate. he says hes not exactly proud of what hes done but he is glad its over.

Now what i find really funny is that he suffers from alsymers(sp) and he cant even remember what he had for breakfast but ask him anything about the war... you would think it was happening right this second.

My friends uncle was also a Canadain Ace pilot and his records can be found somewhere on google i just cant remember. ill tlk to him and ask him about it then i will add the site where you can see his records.