...anyone wanna buy a harley =(


Obey your master
I've been getting funds ready to pay for the ~$1500 surgery on the 20th. I'm sitting here at work doing payroll stuff that I didn't finish last night and my cell phone goes off. I pick it up and it's a bill collector fro the ER I went to a few weeks ago. Apperantley, I owe them $785.65 that my insurance wont cover.

Yeah, I'm pretty much boned.
dang man...that sucks...

maybe you should invest in Assault Rock stock and make a few bucks. oh yea, theres the lottery to ;)

I would help you out some how...if i was older and had the money
WAIT you want a harley and you nickname is DEATH. Hmmmm sounds bad.
Now on the other hand My name is LUCKY lol
j/k I cant have another bike. The old lady said so, and yes i wear the pants in the family, but she gets to choose the pants lol
Idk what I'm gonna do now. My monthly payment for the Harley comes out tomorrow, I have to pay the ER bill in full in a week, and then I have to pay for the surgery crap.