What vehicle(s) do you own?


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Alright I'm not sure if there is a topic for this yet, couldn't find one, so I'm starting one.

In the summer I drive a '94 Mitsubishi 3000gt and in the winter I drive a '92 Ford F-150

I'll post some pics of them as soon as I stop being lazy and actually put some on my PC

post some pics of your vehicles!
'95 Chevy Camaro z28 - 6 speed, Candy-Coated Sea Green and Purple.

I'm at work now, but I'll add some pics later!
wow all these semi cool cars.
I drive a suburban, a dodge intrepid, and I just sold my 2003 yellow fatboy. :(
I am getting old lol
when I was younger I had a ton of chick magnet cars though
89 Camaro RS now with a blown motor.
05 gsxr600 - daily driver
3 months i'll have a 07 cobalt ss s/c!!!!
I too drive a 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT. I've invested a lot of money in it attempting to fix all the things that the previous owner neglected. I installed a low-mileage engine and transmission that I had shipped from Japan. The engine is 500 CCs larger, so I suppose it's technically now a 3500 GT.

It's for sale too.
05 gsxr600 - daily driver


I want to get a bike so bad....

Anyways, I've currently got a 150cc Moped! woot!

But in 2 months...Im getting a Saturn Sky, and my momma gets the audi :(
04 chevy cavalier 2 dorr Ls with about $500 system in it, its burnt orange and is fully loaded, and i love it, although i wish i could have my 93 t-bird back......but when i get back from the desert next year im gonna fix it up real good and nice hehe
I have a Cannondale Mountain Bike.

Cars are too expensive so I just drive my moms mini-van.

I know, I rule.